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Carer support for younger onset dementia

Caring for a person with younger onset dementia can be emotionally and physically exhausting at times. You are not alone – Dementia Australia offers carer support.

  • Receive support and meet others in a similar situation
  • Receive relevant dementia education and information
  • Enjoy the benefits of a social outing
  • Share ideas, management tips and techniques with other carers
  • Learn about local community services for people with dementia and their carers
  • Learn how to cope with loss and grief, guilt, resentment, anger, relief and other emotions
  • Learn coping mechanisms and techniques such as stress management and relaxation.

Visit our information page on support for family and carers

Visit the Carer Gateway website to find information and enquire about practical support.

Discussing dementia

Watch the following video: ‘Discussing dementia - Support’ to hear about other carers’ experiences with support services, or read the video transcript.

Talking about your feelings

Caring for someone with dementia can take its toll emotionally. You may feel worn out, overwhelmed or lonely at times. What you’re going through is complex, so it’s important to not be hard on yourself for whatever you’re feeling. There are some tactics you can follow when you’re feeling guilt, loss or sadness.

Dementia Australia offers a range of options, to help you talk about your experiences.

Partners in a caring role

For partners, moving into a supportive role as a carer can be challenging. You may have lost a great source of emotional support and have new responsibilities you need to take on. Remember that it’s a sign of strength to seek support, and help is available.

The Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service

This nationwide service works to support carers that may be impacted by the behavioural and psychological symptoms of those they care for. Clinicians conduct individual assessments and care planning to help carers in their roles. They also establish links to appropriate support networks.

Support may take place at home or in an aged care facility. Services are funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Dementia Support Australia (DSA).

Visit the Dementia Support Australia website.