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Physical health

If you have younger onset dementia, maintaining good physical health is important. Not only does physical exercise keep you fit, it also makes you feel good and can improve your brain capacity, as it boosts blood flow to the brain.

Small changes in your lifestyle, such as walking and eating a balanced diet, can lead to better physical health and wellbeing.

How physical health helps people living with dementia

Physical activity positively contributes to your quality of life. Benefits include:

  • Good blood flow to the brain (it encourages new brain cell growth and survival)
  • The prevention of muscle weakness, mobility problems and other health complications associated with inactivity
  • The creation of a normal day-night routine
  • A happy mood and increased social participation
  • Reduced stress and depression commonly experienced by people with dementia.

There are many ways you stay fit and active. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program – this will ensure what you have in mind will fit your stage of dementia, health and capabilities.

Walking with dementia

Walking is a great way to stay physically active. You can still enjoy walking once you’ve been diagnosed with younger onset dementia.